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Virtual Reality and the employee

This week, we’ve been in Malta.  Flying a drone.  Well, we weren’t flying it.  We had two of the best from Germany flying an amazing rig.  Insured to over £120,000, we’d never have known drones were worth so much, unless we had to sign the insurance papers! We were there helping to create a 360 VR […]Read more

106: our story

What’s our story?  What do we focus on?  And who do we work with?  Find some answers here.  From our focus on changing behaviours and engaging colleagues to our work on transforming the reputation of organisations and engaging talent.  Have a read.  And if you want a chat, get in touch.Read more

The imperfect world of employee storytelling

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Many of us have long held the belief that ‘if it’s too good to be true, it normally is’. And now academics have proved it. Northwestern University (in the US) analysed 111,460 product reviews and linked ratings to probability of purchasing. The likelihood to purchase did not peak with a perfect score but at 4.2 […]Read more

Don’t be brand washed…

I have nothing against Fat Face.  Some of my best swimming shorts are from there. But recently I was walking past the store and saw the headline ‘Washed in Happiness’.  I nearly spat my Starbucks coffee over a family of four. I can imagine the conversation between agency and client. Client: Our clothes. They’re not simply garments. Or […]Read more

Narrative Trumps Know-How

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Recently my wife and I were having lunch in Stone Street, Manhattan, just a stone’s throw from Wall Street. Next to us were two Wall Streeters tucking into nachos, guacamole and margaritas. So who were they favouring in the race for a nomination? ‘Clinton’ – replied the man. ‘Trump’ – stated the woman. Being the liberal, […]Read more

Engaging content and the sad story of a slide deck

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A contact of mine was interested in working for Netflix. She had heard about its great culture. She was a fan of the product. So she went looking for a job at Netflix. Then she tripped over a slide deck on its LinkedIn page. The slide deck was entitled ‘Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility’. It […]Read more