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A question for the hospitality sector: what’s the point of your careers website?

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  If you’re in the hospitality business, your digital strategy is nearly as important as the cleanliness of your hotel rooms or the friendliness of your waiting staff. Travelodge now receives an average one million visits per week with a booking made on average every three seconds.  Take a look at and you’ll see […]Read more

Banking on People: why the banks need to engage talent more than ever…

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Recently I got a lesson in the banking industry, and ultimately how banks make money.  In many ways, it comes down to taking your money and then doing something with it; as well as offering you extra products.  In a period of long-term, low interest rates, the ability to generate more income by moving up interest rates […]Read more

Law firms: does culture eat strategy for breakfast?

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For law firms, does Peter Drucker’s quote really ring true?  Or is it simply that strategy still trumps culture in the eyes of lawyers and counsel? It seems to depend on whom you listen to.  A panel of experts at Legal Week’s Global Independent Law Firms Forum debate recently discussed some of these issues. On the […]Read more

Please don’t scare those bankers!

Banking continues to be hit by one scandal after another.  Mis-selling PPI, fixing Libor, helping wealthy clients avoid taxes – the big banks continue to get slapped with fines; and no doubt, this is not the end of it. Regulators are rightly getting tough with banks, and banks are taking note.  So much so that a recent […]Read more

Facebook, the value of culture, and how tech companies engage talent…

Recently, I had the chance to visit Facebook. Unfortunately it was in London rather than California. But the experience made me think profoundly about culture but also invited me to question how tech companies can really differentiate themselves. Let’s start with the ‘profound effect’. No, this was not some sort of epiphany, but it was […]Read more

Tech grown-ups v start-ups – and how to connect with new tech talent…

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In 1991, Oracle was virtually a startup in the UK with 700 people. The average age was 26. Nearly 25 years on and Oracle now has some 26,000 people across the EMEA region, and the average age of the workforce is 46. Is this what happens to start-ups when they become grown-ups? How does it […]Read more