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Re-finding your purpose

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When companies start to grow and bring in more people, something happens.  The founders become removed from the team – they can’t personally know everyone any more.  Naturally the enlarged group starts to explore new ideas.  And often opportunities appear in new areas.  Before you know it, the business can be going off in different […]Read more

Leadership Comms – it’s all about me!

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Often in an organisation, internal comms can become obsessed about the Great Leader. Here’s me, talking about the vision for the business. Here’s me, giving an update on performance. Here’s me, giving out awards to employees. Here’s me, talking to some of our employees in a far-flung location. Here’s me, talking to some very important […]Read more

Leaders, mind your language…

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Recently we were in a meeting with the MD of a firm.  A few months into the role, he was keen to set out the vision and mission for the firm for the next few years and start to bring people and teams together to achieve it. There were a number of different things in the mix – the values […]Read more

Unleashing digital internal comms: lessons from Amsterdam

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23rd May 2017.  Amsterdam.  50+ communications professionals.  All focused on Unleashing Digital Internal Comms.  Henry was the Chair.  There were a range of great speakers from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic and the UK.  Here are our key takeaways. Transforming what? Any organisation trying to become more digital is in the process of […]Read more

Internal Comms and the Agile and Responsive Organisation

We ran a survey into how Internal Comms can support change and help organisations become more Agile and Responsive.  227 people took part – and what was the most important factors in driving change?  Find out by downloading the report.Read more

Strategic Internal Communications: sucking eggs, break-outs, bad news and branding…

Towards the end of last year, we popped along to an Internal Comms Conference hosted by PR Week. Henry was on the bill, talking about the power of storytelling. You can download his presentation here. There were a number of things that struck us during the day. The value of Internal Comms – the panel […]Read more