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Space and building a pioneering spirit in your organisation…

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This week, we saw SpaceX launch their first Falcon Heavy booster, the world’s most powerful rocket.  For SpaceX, this is another step in their strategy of taking space exploration and transportation to a whole new level; and surely to be applauded?  Well, not for some.  It was decried by many as a brand stunt – with […]Read more

Disability and the fear of putting your foot in your mouth…

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More than 13% of students today have a disability.  That’s potentially 1 in 8 of students who will apply to employers for a job. Disability no longer applies to visible or physical disabilities.  It encompasses so much more – from anxiety and depression to chronic illnesses, dyslexia, So how do employers support people with disabilities […]Read more

The FA, poor recruitment and a tarnished employer brand…

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The appointment of Phil Neville as Manager of the England Women’s Football Team has, like some many things to do with the FA, become embroiled in controversy.  One of the most revealing aspects of this decision is the recruitment process.  Here, Martin Glenn, Chief Exec of the FA, outlines the process: “A very broad and […]Read more

“Be the best” – let’s not confuse ambition with elitism.

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Recently it was disclosed that the UK Ministry of Defence had considered dropping its long-standing tag line ‘Be the best’.  According to the Daily Mail, a briefing document outlined the case for change, “Be the Best was a recruitment strapline from 1993 and has appeared on Army branded material ever since. But it was never a […]Read more

Employee advocacy makes your business worth more…

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According to Influence magazine, when Salesforce was contemplating the ¢2.9 billion acquisition of Demandware, one of the key points of data (alongside revenues and profit margins) was a ‘95% approval rating’ for Demandware’s CEO taken from Glassdoor.  Now whether you are a fan of Glassdoor or not, this is a significant shift in the importance […]Read more

What makes a great exhibition experience?

This week, we were in Malta putting the finishing touches to an exhibition experience for one of our clients – featuring films, an app, VR, a code-breaking game and a bar. Here’s a sneak peak… So what makes a great exhibition experience? Clear message – okay, pretty obvious but it’s never more important than at […]Read more