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“Be the best” – let’s not confuse ambition with elitism.

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Recently it was disclosed that the UK Ministry of Defence had considered dropping its long-standing tag line ‘Be the best’.  According to the Daily Mail, a briefing document outlined the case for change, “Be the Best was a recruitment strapline from 1993 and has appeared on Army branded material ever since. But it was never a […]Read more

Employee advocacy makes your business worth more…

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According to Influence magazine, when Salesforce was contemplating the ¢2.9 billion acquisition of Demandware, one of the key points of data (alongside revenues and profit margins) was a ‘95% approval rating’ for Demandware’s CEO taken from Glassdoor.  Now whether you are a fan of Glassdoor or not, this is a significant shift in the importance […]Read more

What makes a great exhibition experience?

This week, we were in Malta putting the finishing touches to an exhibition experience for one of our clients – featuring films, an app, VR, a code-breaking game and a bar. Here’s a sneak peak… So what makes a great exhibition experience? Clear message – okay, pretty obvious but it’s never more important than at […]Read more

Social mobility: are employers doing enough?

26th September 2017, 8 in the morning, the sun is shining, and we’re in the City of London hosting another 106 Breakfast Series event, this time on Social Mobility and Early Talent.  We were lucky enough to be joined by a couple of great speakers – Rachael Millar from the Social Mobility Commission, who talked […]Read more

Employers feeling rejected by graduates…

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The latest annual survey from the Institute of Student Employers (ISE – and formerly the AGR) revealed a continuation of recent trends… Apprenticeships continue to rise – the number of vacancies growing by 19%. Salaries continue to rise – to a median of £28,000. Video interviewing continues to rise – now 53% of employers use it, compared […]Read more

Parental Advice: should we just make our kids tougher?

19th September.  The Deck at the National Theatre.  A clear night sky.  And the launch of EY’s strategy to improve careers advice.  We had a panel of Sarah Beeny (property presenter), Steve Bartlett (head of Social Chain), Lee Janaway (Harrow College), LJ (from Youth Employment UK) and Florentyne Barrett (Apprentice at EY).  All hosted by Jack Parsons […]Read more