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Cindy and the Bots – AI for the employee

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Artificial Intelligence promises to makes thousands, if not millions, of people redundant.  We will be talking to, learning from and possibly even falling in love with bots.  (Yes, I said bots not butts.) In the world of AI (or as Jeremy … from IBM said, it’s more like IA – Information Assistants – at the […]Read more

Inclusion gets Royal approval – but will it change anything?

For many years, the engineering profession has been talking about diversity – or, more to the point, the lack of it. Despite a whole series of initiatives and plenty of goodwill, what has actually changed? The profession has long highlighted the lack of women in the profession – yet only 9 per cent of professional […]Read more

Ethics and Engagement: simples…

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Why are ethics so important to organisations? We are bound by laws. It’s the right thing to do. It also makes business sense. As one leader in Ethics recently stated. ‘Ethics attracts talent. Talent drives capability. Capability wins clients.’ Simples. Or is it? The reality is very different for most organisations. Wells Fargo talk about how well they […]Read more

Voice of the Customer, vinyl records and engaging brain

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Today we (as customers) expect to be able to tell service providers what we think of them. How we do that depends on two things – one, our personal preference; and two, the ease of access to the people we want to tell. Imagine, like Sharon (real name), a vinyl record is delivered to your door folded […]Read more

Engaging Millennials: whose side are you on?

In the green corner, we’ve got Deloitte.  (And a bandwagon of thousands.) In the blue corner, we’ve got the mighty IBM.  (And a few other sceptics.) Deloitte and others argue that Millennials are a completely different generation.  In the way they communicate.  Their (lack of) loyalty to organisations and brands.  Their work ethic.  Their desire […]Read more

Recognition: is gamification the answer?

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The recent CIPD report on the neuroscience of reward makes for some interesting reading, if only to reinforce some of our perceived notions about reward: e.g. we tend to overvalue our own contribution and undervalue what is given to us, especially deferred or additional benefits.  There are also some interesting notions about incentives (especially bonuses) […]Read more