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Belief and the art of engaging colleagues in transformation

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A company needs to reinvent itself.  So it embarks on a transformation programme.  On the balance sheet, the figures are compelling.  Millions of pounds of costs can be cut from the company. And we’ll invest in technology to enable us to do more for less.  Simples. According to McKinsey, 70% of transformation programmes fail.  Why?  […]Read more

Re-finding your purpose

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When companies start to grow and bring in more people, something happens.  The founders become removed from the team – they can’t personally know everyone any more.  Naturally the enlarged group starts to explore new ideas.  And often opportunities appear in new areas.  Before you know it, the business can be going off in different […]Read more

KFC, crisis management and employee engagement

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I’m not a fan of KFC.  Nothing personal, just never wanted to go there.  But recently we were all drawn to the KFC story when a number of shops were shut due to a shortage of chicken. The company were applauded for apologising with a lovely ad. KFC fan or no fan, you couldn’t but […]Read more

Purpose, it’s a leap worth taking.

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For me, when I walk into the office and ask myself ‘why am I here?’, it’s easy to answer. If we do one thing for a client, it’s to help them be the most engaging version of themselves.  Of course, we don’t think about this every minute of the day; but we do try to remind ourselves throughout […]Read more

Space and building a pioneering spirit in your organisation…

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This week, we saw SpaceX launch their first Falcon Heavy booster, the world’s most powerful rocket.  For SpaceX, this is another step in their strategy of taking space exploration and transportation to a whole new level; and surely to be applauded?  Well, not for some.  It was decried by many as a brand stunt – with […]Read more

The Latte Levy and driving change

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Levies are today big business. It started with the Plastic Bag Levy. Next we had the Apprenticeship Levy. And now we await the so-called Latte Levy. A Levy is in essence a tax, fee or fine.  But it’s the nature of these levies and the behaviour that they are designed to drive that is interesting.  Before […]Read more