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Employee advocacy makes your business worth more…

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According to Influence magazine, when Salesforce was contemplating the ¢2.9 billion acquisition of Demandware, one of the key points of data (alongside revenues and profit margins) was a ‘95% approval rating’ for Demandware’s CEO taken from Glassdoor.  Now whether you are a fan of Glassdoor or not, this is a significant shift in the importance […]Read more

Parental Advice: should we just make our kids tougher?

19th September.  The Deck at the National Theatre.  A clear night sky.  And the launch of EY’s strategy to improve careers advice.  We had a panel of Sarah Beeny (property presenter), Steve Bartlett (head of Social Chain), Lee Janaway (Harrow College), LJ (from Youth Employment UK) and Florentyne Barrett (Apprentice at EY).  All hosted by Jack Parsons […]Read more

Employee Advocacy Magazine

We passionately believe Employee Advocacy can help organisations transform their social media reach with talent, grow reputation and, importantly, engage colleagues.  And it all starts with a story.Read more

From ad to advocacy: it’s time to get real…

You may remember this story from a few months back. A straightforward recruiting ad featuring Isis Anchalee went from a metro poster to a following and almost a movement. In response to accusations (i.e. is this a real employee?) and blatant and disgusting sexism, Isis sort simply to clarify what it means to be an engineer […]Read more

The engagement opportunity for insurance firms

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The secret to building reputation from the inside out? PANTS.

Before you start to snigger or wait for some bawdy and un-PC punchline, there is a (slightly) serious point to this. At our Masterclass at the PR Summit in April 2014, we will be discussing how internal and external communicators can combine to engage colleagues, build pride, drive advocacy and enhance reputation. Aside from showcasing […]Read more