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Unleashing digital internal comms: lessons from Amsterdam

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23rd May 2017.  Amsterdam.  50+ communications professionals.  All focused on Unleashing Digital Internal Comms.  Henry was the Chair.  There were a range of great speakers from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic and the UK.  Here are our key takeaways. Transforming what? Any organisation trying to become more digital is in the process of […]Read more

Enterprise Social Networks and changing behaviour.

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Enterprise Social Networks have been around for longer than we may think.  JIVE was established in 2001; Yammer in 2008; and when you consider Facebook was only established in 2004, you have to wonder why ESNs haven’t become the indispensable tool that many thought they would be.  Perhaps with the launch of Workplace by Facebook, […]Read more

106 seconds with… Simon Hill, CEO and founder of Wazoku

Simon Hill is the CEO and founder of Wazoku, a leading high-growth B2B software company that powers collaborative innovation within medium and large companies globally. In 2014 Simon won the Guardian SME Business Leader of the Year award and was recognised by Crowdsourcing Week as one of the top 15 most influential people in the […]Read more

Day 2 at the PR Summit – Internal Comms Focus Day

[View the story “106 at PR Summit – Internal Comms Focus Day” on Storify]Read more

The Digital Employee

Employees now have access to a wide range of information, technology and channels. This is changing the way employees behave, such as building insights from various external sources, engaging with customers on social networks, learning ‘socially’ and using their own devices at work.  It’s also changing the relationship with organisations: increasingly employees expect information and […]Read more

The potential for innovation in your people: seven steps to unlocking it.

In a survey in 2010, IBM asked 1500 CEOs to name their most important leadership characteristics.  Creativity came out top.  More forward a few years, and Chief Execs are looking to ‘innovation’ even more to help them maintain and build their competitive advantage.  Be it in banking, pharma, technology, retail, law – even insurance; innovation […]Read more