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The Democratic Workplace: what can business leaders learn from the election?

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We’ve seen Cameron and Milliband get the Paxo treatment.  We’ve had the Leaders Debate between the Not-So-Magnificent Seven.  Insults and handbags are being thrown between the leaders on a daily basis.  What’s to make of this leadership behaviour?  And what are the best ways for leaders to communicate their vision and build a following? Some […]Read more

Democracy in action: what does the future of work look like?

Recently, I watched a BBC documentary series on life ‘Inside the [House of] Commons’.  It was a fascinating peek into the workplace of our democratic union. And boy was it depressing. It turns out that our politicians work every day in what has to be one of the least democratic working environments I’ve ever seen. […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: what is it with leaders and debates?

Despite his Flashman like appearances at the Despatch Box, David Cameron seems shy of the live TV debate.  Perhaps he’s fearful of the Clegg-mania that erupted on the eve of the last general election.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want to look out of touch… Which is why so many leaders either avoid putting themselves […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: giving people a voice

Employee voice is defined by Engage for Success as one of the four ‘enablers’ for employee engagement. And in many ways, it’s the most important aspect to creating a truly democratic workplace – because it puts employees at the heart of the solution. To hear the employee voice requires mechanisms which go beyond an annual […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: coalitions, culture and collaboration.

Five years of coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.  The first of its kind in recent history.  And if the pollsters are correct, we are likely to see another uneasy political partnership (between whom, we don’t know) in the next parliament. Coalitions are in many ways part and parcel of the workplace.  While […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: giving power to your people to transform from within

Welcome to 2015. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the cornerstone on which modern democracy is built. And somewhat less prosaically, it’s also the year which will see Cameron and his Bullingdon chums battling it out for political supremacy in the House of Commons. The OED defines ‘democracy’ […]Read more