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Banking on People: why the banks need to engage talent more than ever…

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Recently I got a lesson in the banking industry, and ultimately how banks make money.  In many ways, it comes down to taking your money and then doing something with it; as well as offering you extra products.  In a period of long-term, low interest rates, the ability to generate more income by moving up interest rates […]Read more

Opening doors to RBS: lasting conversations to change perceptions.

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“What’s impressed me most is that the installation allows us to have quality, in-depth conversations with potential candidates. I like the fact that those conversations are carrying on beyond the campus events – the community we’ve created on Google+ means that we can continue to engage with candidates, even before they start the formal recruitment […]Read more

Banking culture: is dull the new good?

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At the British Bankers’ Association’s annual meeting, Bill Michael, EMEA head of financial services at KPMG told the conference: “Banking will become dull, and dull will be the new good.  Bankers will no longer be the rock stars of the commercial world and banking will become staid and adrenaline-free. “As global banks reconfigure and become […]Read more

Investment banking: what’s the deal?

Investment banking has long been the ???go to??? employer for a very specific cohort of students and graduates. It???s the marmite of the employment world ??? you either love the idea of working in the City or you can???t stand the thought of selling out to...Read more