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The 49th AGR Conference: the highlights

The 49th AGR Student and Recruitment conference.  6-8th June 2017.  A windy Brighton.  A maze of a hotel (Metropole) for the conference.  While the Grand (venue for Gala Dinner) didn’t look so grand from the outside, as it gets a bit of a face-lift! All in all, it promised a fun-packed agenda covering everything from […]Read more

Social Mobility and Apprenticeships: what can employers do?

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The gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. In 1958, 31% of children born to a family in the bottom quarter based on income remained among the poorest 25% based on income as adults. In 1970, 38% of children stayed within poorest 25% as an adult. At the same time, people from […]Read more

106 Breakfast Series: Apprenticeships, The Levy and Youth Marketing

January 25th.  8am.  The Private Dining Room at The Delaunay.  A mixture of employers.  A fantastic breakfast.  And two great speakers.  Welcome to the world of the 106 Breakfast Series. This time, we focused on Apprenticeships, The Levy and Youth Marketing.  Here are our key take-aways: Sue Husband, Director of the National Apprenticeship Service, outlined […]Read more

Magazine: The Apprenticeship Opportunity

The advent of the Apprenticeship Levy (April 2017) in the UK makes engagement more important than ever.  Many organisations will be suddenly looking for swathes of apprenticeship talent; while others will be inviting existing employees to join new apprenticeship programmes.  Everyone will be looking to maximise their investment, because otherwise they will be simply handing over a […]Read more

Apprenticeships: Getting it right on the inside first

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Did you see the apprenticeship campaign adverts on the TV this Christmas break? “Get in, go far” is the Government’s chosen theme to give the apprenticeship the big 2017 make-over in line with the mandatory apprenticeship levy in April. The series of beautifully produced short films show how Lucy, Daisy, Chris and others have bypassed […]Read more