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Leadership Comms – it’s all about me!

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Often in an organisation, internal comms can become obsessed about the Great Leader. Here’s me, talking about the vision for the business. Here’s me, giving an update on performance. Here’s me, giving out awards to employees. Here’s me, talking to some of our employees in a far-flung location. Here’s me, talking to some very important […]Read more

Purpose, it’s a leap worth taking.

Young man jumping from diving board on rocks to blue Mediterranean sea in Antalya. Mountains on background.
For me, when I walk into the office and ask myself ‘why am I here?’, it’s easy to answer. If we do one thing for a client, it’s to help them be the most engaging version of themselves.  Of course, we don’t think about this every minute of the day; but we do try to remind ourselves throughout […]Read more

Space and building a pioneering spirit in your organisation…

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This week, we saw SpaceX launch their first Falcon Heavy booster, the world’s most powerful rocket.  For SpaceX, this is another step in their strategy of taking space exploration and transportation to a whole new level; and surely to be applauded?  Well, not for some.  It was decried by many as a brand stunt – with […]Read more

Disability and the fear of putting your foot in your mouth…

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More than 13% of students today have a disability.  That’s potentially 1 in 8 of students who will apply to employers for a job. Disability no longer applies to visible or physical disabilities.  It encompasses so much more – from anxiety and depression to chronic illnesses, dyslexia, So how do employers support people with disabilities […]Read more