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What makes a great exhibition experience?

This week, we were in Malta putting the finishing touches to an exhibition experience for one of our clients – featuring films, an app, VR, a code-breaking game and a bar. Here’s a sneak peak… So what makes a great exhibition experience? Clear message – okay, pretty obvious but it’s never more important than at […]Read more

The dreaded employee survey – and why vision and growth matter more

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Recently a speaker told the audience that the best measure of employee engagement was the conversation a colleague had with a partner when they got home.  ‘If we could survey that, then we’d have a much better idea of how engaged someone is.’ Yes and no – and also, does it matter? Yes, because it […]Read more

Sustainability: what does it mean to your people?

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Corporate and Social Responsibility first became a thing in the 1960s, and then seemed to take on new importance in the 1990s when it moved from simply being purely an economic and legal responsibility to encompassing greater focus on ethics and philanthropy. Today, it is an industry itself with distinct strategies, reports, teams, award and […]Read more

Gamification and the employee

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Gamification is part of who we are. Write yourself a list and then tick off what you do a you do it.  Scientists have confirmed that the simple process of ticking off your achievements triggers dopamine in the brain, rewarding you for your efforts. An example of gamification.  Only we’ve never called it that. There are […]Read more