October 2017 | 106comms106comms

Virtual Reality and the employee

This week, we’ve been in Malta.  Flying a drone.  Well, we weren’t flying it.  We had two of the best from Germany flying an amazing rig.  Insured to over £120,000, we’d never have known drones were worth so much, unless we had to sign the insurance papers! We were there helping to create a 360 VR […]Read more

Cindy and the Bots – AI for the employee

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.09.52
Artificial Intelligence promises to makes thousands, if not millions, of people redundant.  We will be talking to, learning from and possibly even falling in love with bots.  (Yes, I said bots not butts.) In the world of AI (or as Jeremy … from IBM said, it’s more like IA – Information Assistants – at the […]Read more