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Enterprise Social Networks and changing behaviour.

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Enterprise Social Networks have been around for longer than we may think.  JIVE was established in 2001; Yammer in 2008; and when you consider Facebook was only established in 2004, you have to wonder why ESNs haven’t become the indispensable tool that many thought they would be.  Perhaps with the launch of Workplace by Facebook, […]Read more

Our model for Change Comms

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Change is neither easy or quick.  The real secret of any change programme is not to let it happen to people but to bring them with you.  In fact, make them the architects of the change.  That is why our model is focused on letting colleagues shape the future and empowering them to take charge. […]Read more

106 Seconds with… Anne-Lise Johnsen, Youth Product Manager, Arsenal FC

Anne-Lise Johnsen is the Youth Product Manager at Arsenal FC, a Marketing Academy Alumni, keynote speaker and named the Marketing Society’s Young Marketing Leader in 2016. She is currently putting Arsenal at the forefront of youth marketing; with a recent key highlight being the launch of the first app aimed at young sports fans by […]Read more

106 Breakfast Series: Change Comms

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Here at 106, we live with a belief that ‘great communication inspires action’. If it doesn’t, it ain’t worth the paper or code it’s written on. In many respects, the Comms function has one really important job. To help organisations change. To make them more competitive or collaborative. To drive new behaviours. To win more customers. To retain talent […]Read more