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Ethics and Engagement: simples…

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Why are ethics so important to organisations? We are bound by laws. It’s the right thing to do. It also makes business sense. As one leader in Ethics recently stated. ‘Ethics attracts talent. Talent drives capability. Capability wins clients.’ Simples. Or is it? The reality is very different for most organisations. Wells Fargo talk about how well they […]Read more

Diversity & Inclusion, and the age of personalised engagement…

18 months ago, a small group of people got together to discuss diversity & inclusion and employee engagement, as part of Engage for Success. We didn’t know each other.  We were very different in many ways.  And we certainly didn’t always agree with each other.  But we had a common cause. Yesterday we hosted our […]Read more

“We’re all fine.” Why we need to talk about mental health.

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How are you? “I’m fine” We’re all fine. At least, that’s what we tell each other at work. We may say we’re busy, under the cosh, a bit stressed or completely swamped. But we rarely, if ever, admit that we’ve got a mental health issue. Because that labels us. It’s a stigma. It shows weakness. […]Read more