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106 Breakfast Series: Preparing for the Unthinkable

Just over half of Fortune 500 has disappeared since 2000.  We will probably see 40% disappear in the next 10 years alone.  Change is happening – and faster than ever. We really do live in a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). There are the very real threats of pandemics, terrorism, political decisions, financial […]Read more

Engaging Millennials: whose side are you on?

In the green corner, we’ve got Deloitte.  (And a bandwagon of thousands.) In the blue corner, we’ve got the mighty IBM.  (And a few other sceptics.) Deloitte and others argue that Millennials are a completely different generation.  In the way they communicate.  Their (lack of) loyalty to organisations and brands.  Their work ethic.  Their desire […]Read more

From ad to advocacy: it’s time to get real…

You may remember this story from a few months back. A straightforward recruiting ad featuring Isis Anchalee went from a metro poster to a following and almost a movement. In response to accusations (i.e. is this a real employee?) and blatant and disgusting sexism, Isis sort simply to clarify what it means to be an engineer […]Read more

Engaging content and the sad story of a slide deck

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A contact of mine was interested in working for Netflix. She had heard about its great culture. She was a fan of the product. So she went looking for a job at Netflix. Then she tripped over a slide deck on its LinkedIn page. The slide deck was entitled ‘Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility’. It […]Read more