December 2015 | 106comms106comms

HR Summit and Expo in Dubai: Charan, Fons and Cheese

Sometimes, you hear a speaker that makes you feel immensely humble.  This month, I was able to witness two.  Ram Charan and Fons Trompenaars stole the show at the HR Summit and Expo in Dubai.  (Sorry, Mr Cheese, Chief Exec of CIPD, while your talk was informed and impassioned, it wasn’t in the same league.) […]Read more

106 Breakfast Series: mainstreaming diversity & inclusion

Our last 106 Breakfast Series of 2015.  Once again in the private dining room of the Wolseley.  The subject?  Making D&I mainstream in your organisation.  And it was probably one of the best discussions we have had.  A great way to end the year. Here are some of the key themes we discussed. The business […]Read more

Meetings, meetings and fewer meetings…

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Meetings seem to be the (un)necessary evil of the modern business. We need to talk about X.  Let’s have a meeting. The client wants to discuss Y.  Let’s have a meeting. A leader wants to cut Z.  Let’s have a meeting. We need to organise the Christmas Party.  Let’s have a meeting (with mince pies). Of […]Read more