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The Youth Engagement Opportunity: is it time to think differently?

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Today there are more than 900,000 people classed as NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training).  There is still 14% unemployment amongst 16-24 year-olds, against an overall figure of just over 5%.  Of course, the government has promised 3 million apprenticeships, and there are a few employers trying to help through specific work programmes, work […]Read more

Banking on People: why the banks need to engage talent more than ever…

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Recently I got a lesson in the banking industry, and ultimately how banks make money.  In many ways, it comes down to taking your money and then doing something with it; as well as offering you extra products.  In a period of long-term, low interest rates, the ability to generate more income by moving up interest rates […]Read more

Recognition: is gamification the answer?

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The recent CIPD report on the neuroscience of reward makes for some interesting reading, if only to reinforce some of our perceived notions about reward: e.g. we tend to overvalue our own contribution and undervalue what is given to us, especially deferred or additional benefits.  There are also some interesting notions about incentives (especially bonuses) […]Read more