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Please don’t scare those bankers!

Banking continues to be hit by one scandal after another.  Mis-selling PPI, fixing Libor, helping wealthy clients avoid taxes – the big banks continue to get slapped with fines; and no doubt, this is not the end of it. Regulators are rightly getting tough with banks, and banks are taking note.  So much so that a recent […]Read more

Diversity & Inclusion: what’s your story?

On Thursday 25th June, we’ll be hosting a Roundtable discussion at Talent Leaders Connect, hosted by The JobPost. Our focus is to help employers think about their D&I story, and what it means to everyone in the business. A great story, well told, has the power to engage and empower your people, attract great, new […]Read more

Facebook, the value of culture, and how tech companies engage talent…

Recently, I had the chance to visit Facebook. Unfortunately it was in London rather than California. But the experience made me think profoundly about culture but also invited me to question how tech companies can really differentiate themselves. Let’s start with the ‘profound effect’. No, this was not some sort of epiphany, but it was […]Read more

Health & Wellbeing: reflections over breakfast…

On Tuesday 16th June, we held our second 106 Breakfast Event, once again in the private dining room at the Wolseley. Amazing to think that the Wolseley was once a car showroom for, yes you guessed it, Wolseley Cars. Anyway, back to our breakfast. We got together some senior people in HR, as well as […]Read more

Diverse Voices: why diversity should be at the centre of your employee engagement strategy…

IMG_1133 (1)
In many, if not most organisations, Employee Engagement and Diversity & Inclusion are two separate streams of work – and that’s if they exist at all. But perhaps it’s time for them to join forces. After all, great engagement depends on understanding our employees and helping them to be the best they can be at […]Read more

Childcare is only half of the solution

Recently I found myself researching a local employer in SE London. 36 vacancies listed: not a single one part-time. I spoke to the lead recruiter to double-check this was the case. He told me he hadn’t checked with the line managers but it was ‘safe to assume’ they would all be looking for full-timers. Hmmmmm. Really? […]Read more