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106 seconds with… Mike Hopkins, Director of Marketing and Tourism, States of Guernsey

Mike Hopkins has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and sales and has held senior positions in big brand organisations including Sony, ICI, Yell and BT. Mike moved to Guernsey in 2008 to join the board of Vets4Pets, a young, fast growing veterinary business, and during his time with the company helped to successfully establish the […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: what can business leaders learn from the election?

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We’ve seen Cameron and Milliband get the Paxo treatment.  We’ve had the Leaders Debate between the Not-So-Magnificent Seven.  Insults and handbags are being thrown between the leaders on a daily basis.  What’s to make of this leadership behaviour?  And what are the best ways for leaders to communicate their vision and build a following? Some […]Read more

The power of CSR to empower employees and build reputation.

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