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Leadership and Culture: reflections over breakfast

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On Tuesday 17th March, we held the first 106 Breakfast event in the private dinning room of the Wolseley.  Our theme was ‘Leadership and Culture’, and we were joined by senior HR and business professionals from banking, accounting, healthcare, education and law, as well as Mihaela Berciu, a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist. Our starter for 10 […]Read more

Democracy in action: what does the future of work look like?

Recently, I watched a BBC documentary series on life ‘Inside the [House of] Commons’.  It was a fascinating peek into the workplace of our democratic union. And boy was it depressing. It turns out that our politicians work every day in what has to be one of the least democratic working environments I’ve ever seen. […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: what is it with leaders and debates?

Despite his Flashman like appearances at the Despatch Box, David Cameron seems shy of the live TV debate.  Perhaps he’s fearful of the Clegg-mania that erupted on the eve of the last general election.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want to look out of touch… Which is why so many leaders either avoid putting themselves […]Read more

What next for innovation?

This week I went to a breakfast seminar hosted by Wazoku. If Wazoku is new to you, check out 106 Seconds with its founder Simon Hill. Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation for Anglian Water, spoke about how his role has changed in the last 15 years. Then, ‘innovation’ was the preserve of his team, a […]Read more

The engagement opportunity for insurance firms

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