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The Democratic Workplace: giving people a voice

Employee voice is defined by Engage for Success as one of the four ‘enablers’ for employee engagement. And in many ways, it’s the most important aspect to creating a truly democratic workplace – because it puts employees at the heart of the solution. To hear the employee voice requires mechanisms which go beyond an annual […]Read more

BIM, beards and flat-pack toilets – the future of engineering?

Today (21/01/15), I went to the Institute of Civil Engineers for a conference. There were lots of men (with beards) and very few women.  And most people were ‘of a certain age’.  Sadly representative of the industry. The conference was entitled – Infrastructure: Engineering the future today.  An irony, perhaps, considering the age of most […]Read more

The power of storytelling – part IV

We just love storytelling.  So much so that we will be hosting a Storytelling Masterclass on 28th April.  The agenda is being put together right now.  But feel free to put it into your diary.  If you contact us, we’ll let you know the full details as soon as we do.Read more

Art at work: what’s the point?

Damien Hirst exhibition
Last week we visited the fabulous offices of a global insurance firm. Full of light, with huge picture windows showcasing views across London, a gourmet restaurant (subsidised, of course) – and some jaw-dropping works of art. I spotted a Damien Hirst and a Mat Collishaw, amongst others. Each installation had an accompanying introduction but we […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: coalitions, culture and collaboration.

Five years of coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.  The first of its kind in recent history.  And if the pollsters are correct, we are likely to see another uneasy political partnership (between whom, we don’t know) in the next parliament. Coalitions are in many ways part and parcel of the workplace.  While […]Read more

The Democratic Workplace: giving power to your people to transform from within

Welcome to 2015. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the cornerstone on which modern democracy is built. And somewhat less prosaically, it’s also the year which will see Cameron and his Bullingdon chums battling it out for political supremacy in the House of Commons. The OED defines ‘democracy’ […]Read more