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The power of storytelling to attract and engage diverse talent – part III

On 20th November 2014, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Talent Leaders Connect event in Glasgow, hosted by (those lovely people at) The JobPost.  A great turnout, and some fantastic speakers. My topic: the power of storytelling to attract and engage diverse talent. Here’s a quick video synopsis of the key points: So […]Read more

106 seconds with… Jason Rowlands, Global HRD at Sonnedix.

Jason has built an HR career working for some well-known businesses including BAE Systems, Barclays, Bank of America and most recently, RBS. But he’s been lured away from the world of established corporates into Sonnedix, a founder-led, fast-growing business producing low carbon energy. Here we ask Jason how he has found that transition, and explore […]Read more

Six Christmas ads – and not a penguin in sight.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 19.57.56
Busy afternoon here at 106 Comms sub-HQ (aka my kitchen table). With just 41 days to go until Christmas, it’s time to decide upon the Official Supermarket Christmas Supplier to the Magee Family 2014. But where to begin? Surely one chain’s eggnog is as good as the next? And doesn’t every supermarket offer a quail-in-a-pigeon-in-a-duck-in-a-chicken-in-a-turkey […]Read more

Size doesn’t matter: successful communities are built on participation, not numbers.

Raising hands
Take a guess at the number of registered Twitter accounts in existence. 500 million? 750 million? A billion? In fact, the real answer is impossible to know – because Twitter won’t tell us. What they will say, in their ‘Third Quarter 2014 Operational Highlights’, is that they have 284 million active monthly users. Most industry […]Read more

The Sainsburys 50p farce, and why it’s time for internal comms to come outside.

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The recent Sainsbury 50p farce highlights a key factor about internal communications today.  How much of it can or should be internal? Although this incident could be put down to poor communication (irony) and amplified by an eagle-eyed consumer, it could equally have been shared by a disgruntled employee.  Very little internal communication can ever […]Read more

The importance of culture in law

In a changing legal marketplace, where there is undoubted pressure on revenues, there is an opportunity for law firms to improve their service to clients, further build reputation and increase revenues through: Better engagement – It is estimated that it takes at least 40 weeks for a law graduate to reach optimal productivity (Oxford Economics 2014). […]Read more