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Health and Wellbeing: how can employers help fight the flab?

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Recently the Chief Executive of the National Health Service, Simon Stevens, talked about the ticking time-bomb that is obesity: “If as a nation we keep piling on the pounds around the waistline, we’ll be piling on the pounds in terms of future taxes needed just to keep the NHS afloat.” In his proposals to tackle […]Read more

The power of stories to attract and retain diverse talent, part II

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On 24th September 2014, I’m delighted to be speaking at the Talent Leaders Connect Conference, hosted by JobPost.  My talk will focus on how organisations can use storytelling to attract and retain diverse talent. Here’s my story of how to do this effectively: Create a narrative of diversity.  Steer clear of the usual corporate platitudes […]Read more

Why the best employers let the stories speak for themselves.

Take a look at some of the world’s leading employers and what’s immediately striking is the power of the stories that surround them. Stories of Google bikes, canteens and that 20%; of Coca-Cola’s marketing innovations; of Unilever’s strong performance culture and free ice creams; of Mars’s five principles; of McDonalds’ academy and commitment to learning; […]Read more

Bring In Your Parents Day: good idea or every kid’s nightmare?

Last year, LinkedIn launched Bring In Your Parents (BIYP) Day.  They not only encouraged their own employees to bring in their parents; but also encouraged organisations around the world to follow suit.  Although only a pilot, over 15,000 individuals in offices right around the world took part. Here’s what it felt like last year. This […]Read more