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Do women lack ambition? Err no; but some leaders lack empathy…

Yesterday I watched a panel discussion on a report published recently by KPMG. The report is called ‘Cracking the Code’ and it considers ten widely held assumptions about women and their careers in depth, before exposing each as a myth. On the panel were Susan Vinnicombe, Professor of Women and Leadership at Cranfield University; Andrew […]Read more

The secret to recognising the work of frontline colleagues? Wear your PANTS on the outside.

This is not some homage to Superman – or indeed to Steve Bell’s portrayal of John Major. PANTS is our way of saying ‘People Are Now The Story’ – and while we’ve spoken before about using storytelling to engage colleagues and build reputation from the inside out, here’s a different perspective, inspired by a conversation […]Read more

The Big Yak and the future of internal communications…

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The Big Yak is an unconference. Not an unusual format today, perhaps; but an event like this only serves to remind us of how helping people to connect and collaborate can lead to a great learning experience, a chance to develop ideas and an excuse to pop down to All Bar One. It also shows […]Read more