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Finding the right person to run your employee advocacy programme

A good manager is one of the secrets to a successful programme.  Scott Jaworski runs the very successful employee advocate programme for Intel; here are the behaviours he thinks have helped him to make a success of the programme: – He’s digitally savvy but recognises advocates may be relative novices – He’s comfortable with change […]Read more

Four secrets to a successful employee advocacy programme

1) Get senior buy in. You need to find the right senior person with the belief and credibility to make things happen. Think about the qualities which would make a good employee advocate in your business; consider appointing someone to lead the programme. 2) Start small. Run a pilot programme first within a single business […]Read more

Encouraging networking within your employee advocates

We don’t recommend incentivising your employee advocates with financial rewards; but, the opportunity they have to be part of a company-wide, non-hierarchical network can be a big incentive to take part. Successful programmes can encourage this network to succeed by: 1) allowing all participants access to the wider group. This can be easily done through […]Read more

Where to begin? Launching an employee advocate programme

Assuming there’s no organised programme in place to begin with, start small. 1) Set your goals – what do you want your programme to achieve? Are you supporting a specific recruitment marketing campaign? If so, then you may be able to create fairly concrete KPIs around application metrics. Or is this more about raising the […]Read more

Employee advocacy – the top four benefits for your business

1) Higher levels of employee engagement have a direct impact on the bottom line. A Sears study in 2008 found that a 5% increase in employee engagement resulted in a 1.3% increase in levels of customer satisfaction, and a 0.5% increase in company revenue overall. A good employee advocacy programme empowers employees to champion their […]Read more

An employee advocacy programme: how 106 Comms can help

Many organisations make use of brand advocates to drive their consumer marketing campaigns. But we see fewer businesses making use of their own people to raise their employer brand. While it may be happening unofficially (anyone with a friend working for Google will have an appreciation of its proposition for its employees), we believe there is […]Read more