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Mike’s story and the power of collaboration

Mike worked in the tax office. He had always worked in tax. If someone wanted to know something about tax, they went to him. If someone wanted to know about anything else, they went to someone other than Mike. Because Mike knew about tax. ¬†Other people knew about other stuff. Then an email arrived, inviting […]Read more

Banking culture: is dull the new good?

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At the British Bankers’ Association’s annual meeting, Bill Michael, EMEA head of financial services at KPMG told the conference: “Banking will become dull, and dull will be the new good. ¬†Bankers will no longer be the rock stars of the commercial world and banking will become staid and adrenaline-free. “As global banks reconfigure and become […]Read more

Alison’s story and the power of understanding your workforce.

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Alison joined a new firm as an analyst. She would come into work every day at the same time. She would sit down, re-arrange her desk slightly and start work. 12.45 would be time for lunch. 5.30 would be time to go home. Soon she was identified as a star performer. So she was invited […]Read more