June 2013 | 106comms106comms

The potential for innovation in your people: seven steps to unlocking it.

In a survey in 2010, IBM asked 1500 CEOs to name their most important leadership characteristics.  Creativity came out top.  More forward a few years, and Chief Execs are looking to ‘innovation’ even more to help them maintain and build their competitive advantage.  Be it in banking, pharma, technology, retail, law – even insurance; innovation […]Read more

‘Everyone wants to work at Google’: how can the corporates compete for tech talent?

A survey by Telefonica shows that young adults in the UK have the best digiskills in the world –  http://ow.ly/lIONF  So why do a lot of corporate recruiters still find it difficult to hire great technologists?  I often hear the complaint – ‘Graduates just want to work for Google‘.  Well, perhaps.  But not everyone can. […]Read more