May 2013 | 106comms106comms

Social intranets: think of the people and purpose first, technology later.

The Digital Workplace 24-hour (#DW24) seminar/conference/discussion showcased a range of different company intranets and tools.  I couldn’t stay up for the whole time – I need my six hours sleep – but a few things were clear, at least to me: The technology – Virgin Media seemed to have by far the best social intranet, […]Read more

Careers in law: how it’s changing and why you wouldn’t want to be a female lawyer.

A career in law has always been highly desirable and so highly competitive.  Invariably there are more law students than there training contracts available – and despite an over-supply of talent, law firms err on the side of caution and continue to hire graduates from leading universities (many of whom have been privately educated). But […]Read more

Selecting hires on the basis of your values: reality or rationalisation?

Barclays has made a big deal about their values of late, as they attempt to address the perceived excesses of the previous regime.  In true Barclays style, they have made giant glass installations of their values that currently adorn the foyer of their HQ in Canary Wharf.  But it does seem that this bravado is […]Read more